Saturday 3rd June 2017

Nedfest Volunteer Info

Name: Nedfest 2017

Date: Saturday 3rd June 2017

Venue: Cliff Lakes Water Park, Tamworth Road, Tamworth, Warks, B78 2DL

Arrival Time: 15 minutes before shift start time

Firstly, and above all, a massive THANK YOU from the entire NedFest team for giving up your time to come along and help us make NedFest a success. We are not exaggerating when we say that the event would not be possible without you. You are contributing to a fantastic event, and we hope that you will have fun and enjoy the little perks that we have provided for you to say thank you.

Arriving At The Venue

When you arrive to the venue, please turn right and head through the green gates, inform security or an organiser (whoever you see first) that you are a volunteer and you will be directed to the general parking area and given a general parking pass. Please then come to the volunteer area which is backstage, to sign in and get any kit you may need. Should you have any issues please contact Keeley Rowland, Volunteering Manager on 07545 390727.

**If you are arriving once the festival is underway then please head to ticket area to collect your wristband**

Volunteer Arrival Timings

It would be very much appreciated if you could arrive at the following times;

  • Car Parking Volunteers @ 5:30am
  • Nedathon Transition Volunteers @ 5:30am
  • Nedathon Swim & Bike Course Marshall’s @ 6:45am
  • NedFest Volunteer Team Leaders @ 6:45am
  • Nedathon Photographer/Filming @ 6:45am
  • NedFest Photographer/Filming @ 11:00am
  • NedFest Festival Volunteers @ 9:00am
  • Run Course Marshalls @ 9:30am
  • NedFest Breakdown Volunteers @ 12:00pm

Roles & Responsibilities

You should have all selected which role you would prefer to do using the online registration system; if for some reason you have not done this yet, please do so by going to This is really important so that we have your contact details and know exactly who we have on site.

We must stress that although every effort will be made to match you to the role that you have signed up for, the nature of events may mean that you are asked to fulfil a different role when you actually get on site. Where possible we will try to avoid this but in the interests of managing your expectations please don't be disheartened if you do get asked to change role, even if you have already started carrying out your selected role.

Role specific briefings will come from Keeley, Frankie or Ben on site when you are being deployed.

Incident & Emergency Process

Should something happen in your area that you are not equipped to deal with such as a medical or security issue, or something you feel like you need to report, please remain calm and do one of the following:

  • Ask someone with a radio to contact Event Control on Channel 1
  • Call Event Control on 07375 919896

In both instances you will be required to provide the following information:

  • Your name & role
  • Your location
  • The nature of the incident or enquiry (Medical, Security, General)
  • The severity of the incident if applicable

The most important thing is to remain calm and do not create a panic for participants or visitors, please do not communicate any injury specific details over radio.

Onsite Structure

You will be managed onsite by one of two Volunteer Team Leaders, Frankie or Ben, that in turn will be managed by Keeley, our volunteering manager. For the majority, all assignments will come from either Keeley, Frankie or Ben, but in some cases it may come from one of the core organisers team. Please respect instructions from any of the team the same as you would from your Team Leader as it may be that something has changed and we need to ask you do something directly.

Attire & Uniform

Please prepare for all weathers! Wear lots of layers so if it’s hot you can peel off and if cold can layer up to trap heat between layers. Top layer should be wind and rain proof in case of bad weather. Footwear should be appropriate for a multi-terrain site and above all comfortable. All volunteers will receive a NedFest t-shirt which ideally should be worn on top of any protective layers. We will provide hi-vis vests to those people fulfilling roles that should require that.

Remember inappropriate clothing can spoil your day; bring lots of layers and waterproofs and you will be fine! Let’s have a great day, see you on site!


Hopefully you haven’t fallen asleep yet with all this information, if you have this should wake you up…All volunteers will be provided with a packed lunch all volunteers will receive an event t shirt. We will also try our best to get round with plenty of sweets, chocolate and water to keep everyone fuelled throughout the day. If there is anything that you need, or you feel like you need a break, please speak to one of the team leaders and don’t suffer in silence! At the end of the day you are giving up your time to help us out and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Finally…please pass this on to anyone else you are bringing along with you as we may not have everyone’s up to date email address, if they have not already signed up they will be required to sign an ad hoc form on the day.