Saturday 3rd June 2017

Nedathon Participant Pack

Name: Nedathon 2017

Date: Saturday 3rd June 2017

Venue: Cliff Lakes Water Park, Tamworth Road, Tamworth, Warks, B78 2DL


Parking is £5 donaton and will be limited and on a first come first served basis, so if you can, jump in with some others and share a lift. Or get a taxi and enjoy a couple of beers in the sun!

Take care when entering Cliff Lakes as cyclists will be coming in and out from 7.30 in the morning. Speed limit on site is strictly 5 mph - please take care on site and be respectful of other residents over the weekend.


  1. Will be on Friday evening ONLY between 6pm & 8pm @ Cliff Lakes.
  2. For those people in a team already only 1 member will need to register. If you registered by yourself to be allocated to a team then you WILL need to register on Friday evening so that we can advise you of your team members.
  3. Numbers, safety pins wristbands and goodies will be given to you at registration. Please check your medical details and confirm any changes. If you would like a tow float they can be hired free of charge at registration.


Nedathon participants who are also camping on Saturday evening (please note camping is now fully booked so unless you are already booked, this option is not available) can set up tents during race reg (6pm—8pm) £5 per tent.

Transition Area

Pre Start

  1. 6:15am - Transition opens
  2. 7:00am - Transition closes
  3. 7:10am - Race Briefing - All participants (including individual relay team members) to attend race briefing at the training room (next to the cafe by the lake)
  4. 7:20am - Warm up at the front of the shop/cafe
  5. 7:30am – first participants start

1000 Metre Open Water Lake Swim

View swim route

  1. Wetsuits & Swim Hats are compulsory and swimmers have an option to use a tow float if they would like to. Tow floats (for an example of a tow float, please click here) can be hired at registration free of charge on Friday evening (£10 cash deposit required – refunded on return).
  2. Swimmers will go off every 3 minutes with the first teams going off at 7.30am and the last teams going off at 8.03am. Please check your swim start times at registration
  3. The swim entrance and exit will be located on the ramp next to the clubhouse - View map. It is approximately 500 metres from the swim exit to the Transition you will need to leave a pair of trainers next to the swim exit and put these on as you come out of the water.
  4. If you get into trouble during the swim then simply lie on your back and signal to the one of the support crew and they will come to your assistance.
  5. Upon exit from the swim, please do not remove your wetsuit. You can remove your wetsuit to waist height if you wish, but please leave the wetsuit on until you are in transition.

Transition / Checkpoint 1

View swim transition

  1. Once you have exited the water you will need to make your way to check point 1. Once all 3 members have visited checkpoint 1 you will be allowed to get your bikes. If you are in a relay team then simply give your coloured wrist band to your team mate at the checkpoint to allow them to proceed.

35 Mile Sportive

View Bike Sportive route

Download route GPX

  1. Strictly road bikes only – no TT bikes, aero bars or similar will be allowed on the course
  2. Please take extreme care when exiting transition and onto road as this is a FAST & EXTREMELY BUSY section of road PLUS there will be some traffic coming into the park.
  3. The bike course will be signed and marshalled but it is your responsibility to follow the signs
  4. Note that the bike ride is on open public roads. You MUST follow the highway code and – you will be sharing the road with other traffic and road users, so please take care!
  5. There will be a compulsory 5 minute (minimum) / 15 minute (maximum) coffee stop at Ridge Lane Brewery. Each rider will get a free coffee and cake plus water. If you’re in a relay team it maybe advisable to call ahead to the team member who is running to give them an estimate of time to meet at checkpoint 2.
  6. On arrival at the coffee stop please check in with the timer by giving them your team number. It will be down to each team to keep time and check out with the timer before they leave, ensuring that they stay no less than 5 minutes and no more than 15 minutes.
  7. The bike course is mapped out as a strava segment for those that want to know the route (please note that we may need to change the route in the event of circumstances outside our control)
  8. It is COMPULSORY for there to be at least 1 mobile phone carried per team and we also strongly recommend people carry the following additional items;
    • Basic bike tools
    • Spare inner tube
    • Nutrition and water
    • Lights dependant on the weather
    • GoPros and action cameras are encouraged but NOT to be mounted on helmets
    • Please check the weather forecast and ensure you wear appropriate clothing
  9. Take care when riding as the roads are not closed and there are sections of the route that are fast – although we will be placing warning signs and marshalls wherever possible you are responsible for your own safety – remember, this is not a race and we want everyone to enjoy the day!
  10. On return to Cliff Lakes please ensure that you take care turning into the park because there may be vehicles entering and/or exiting and dismount your bike at or before the dismount line.

Transition / Checkpoint 2

  1. Upon arrival at transition 2, please re-rack your bike and when you are ready to do so, exit to the holding pen at the start of the Run course. Once all three members of your team are in the holding pen, you will be allowed to start the run (note this doesn’t apply to single member relay teams).

4 mile Obstacle Course Run

View Run route

Strava route

  1. We recommend full length tights on the run route – although we will have pre-cleared the route, there may be nettles, thorns and bushes along the way. Gloves are also recommended for the obstacles.
  2. There will be a number of obstacles for you to tackle which will include water and a serious amount of mud! You will get wet and you will get muddy as its all of road! There will be sections where you may cross the paths of fellow participants so please take care on these sections.
  3. Each team will be presented with a Nedal at the finish line. If you’re in a team relay then make sure that you’re are ready to cross the line with your team mates together! There will be an area close to the finish line where you can wait for them.

Post Race

  1. A masseur will be on hand after the event (subject to availability) - although the service is offered free of charge, there will be an honesty box for payments/donations with a minimum suggested £5 donation.
  2. Festival begins!!
  3. There will be an awards ceremony shortly after the event has finished with prizes given out.


  1. Numbering;
    • Race belts are allowed
    • Race belts are allowed to be worn in the swim under your wetsuit
    • Race numbers must be worn on the back during the bike and at the front on the run
    • If you don't have a race belt then please use safety pins to secure your number
  2. Spectators - The race start will be close to the cafe so those watching will be perfectly placed to grab food and drinks whilst taking in the start of the race. Once out of the water participants will run straight past the cafe so time for high 5’s and cheering!